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Business Development

Our primary responsibility is to help you grow your business by determining the strategies and tasks that will help you achieve your mission and goals. Our knowledge and experience helps us identify the long term methods that will increase value through developing the necessary relationships, markets and customers. Vital to your success is assessing the important skills in marketing, sales, business management, communication and project management.

Corporate Consulting

With more than two decades of experience, the AVNU team has helped companies and organizations reach their goals. Organizational structure is key to overall success as we focus on operations, talent assessment, training, staffing, development strategies and campaigns that help elevate companies and organizations to serve their constituents.

Technology Services

Our goal is to help help clients manage projects, risks, optimize processes, manage knowledge, leverage Information Technology, and minimize the impacts of service issues. We specialize in Mobile Marketing Technology, System Integration, Information Technology Solutions, and Systems Development.

Sales Consulting

AVNU is a leader in sales training, development and management, identifying the core issues and areas key to overall success in generating revenue. We create the strategies and structures that build rapport with your core team that contributes to successful sales implementation in order for you to exceed your sales goals.

Brand Development

Your brand is the most important and most valuable asset. While there are many dimensions that impact your brand, we stick to the core principles in helping you develop your brand. First we help you identify your brand strategy that aligns with your business objectives, next we help identify the tools needed to create and to communicate the strategy, then we help you activate and execute the brand strategy to reach your goals.

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